Impulse Announces 2012 Program

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Before the advent of the Internet, DVDs and motion pictures, live musical theater was king of the entertainment industry. Impulse takes us back to those very days with its 2012 program entitled “Overture!”, a show within a show in three acts:

Act I: “American Overture” by Joseph Wilcox Jenkins
Musicians begin rehearsing while the cast learns their first steps in preparation for the upcoming season.

Act II: “Cuban Overture” by George Gershwin
After weeks of strenuous rehearsals, the entire company finds love and laughter at a local Latin night club.

Act III: “1712 Overture” by P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Schickele)
Fatigue sets in and begins to take its toll during the final dress rehearsal, but on opening night, the company brings the house down and receives its first unanimous standing ovation!

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