In The News: Drum And Bugle Corps Competition Comes To Stanford

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The rumble of the bass drum started slowly and built gradually. Before the drumming reached its full crescendo, everyone in the stadium was listening and waiting for what would come next. As the audience literally inched forward in their seats, the drum major gave the signal and the show began in earnest.

Over the next three hours, Stanford Stadium was filled with a visual and audio spectacle at the DCI (Drum Corps International) West competition. Teams from as far away as Boston, Massachusetts and Rockford, Illinois thrilled the crowd with what DCI billed as the “Best of the West.” “Best” was an apt term as the participating teams performed at their best level. “Even though I’ve been attending these shows for a few years now, this is the best I’ve seen,” said a member of the audience. Even first-timer Christina from Santa Clara agreed. “I had no idea what to expect. This is something I want to see again.”

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