Jersey Surf Say Farewell To Red Hook

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When traveling drum corps rest and rehearse in towns across the country, some degree of interest is usually piqued. It’s hard to ignore the staccato of the drums, the melodies and harmonies of the horns, and the enthusiasm of the color guard. Normally, this would result in a few curious fence-watchers, but in Red Hook, NY, it was so much more.

It was 4 AM when The Jersey Surf arrived in the tree-lined Hudson River town of Red Hook. All was quiet as the sleepy performers and staff trudged their way into the building to finally get some sleep upon their air mattresses or sleeping bags. Because of the late (early?) hour that the corps arrived, they were given a later-than-usual wake up call, to rest up for the next few days of rehearsal before their first competition of the new season. As the unsuspecting members of the community went about their morning routine, the Surf was getting ready to start their day.

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