2012 Jersey Surf Makes An Impressive First Start

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The first competition of the season can be scary. No longer in practice, corps are now at the mercy of the judges for what is right and what is wrong. Those performing will usually feel the sting of nerves as they pulse throughout their body and the rush of adrenaline pushing them to get past that. It’s just the air that surrounds any competition, a vibe that just won’t go away. For The Jersey Surf, however, that anticipation kept them on their toes.

It was a humid summer night when the Surf arrived at the field for their first competition. Nestled in Fort Edward, NY, a small baseball stadium was transformed into a football field for the evening. Only you didn’t see goal posts or referees, or hear whistles or the thundering slams of bodies as they collided. Instead, you saw brightly colored silks of flags being spun and heard the soft melodic notes of musicians warming up. Surrounding the small stadium were several drum corps, each getting ready as their performance time allowed. Curious onlookers meandered around, catching small glimpses of what was to come later on in the night.

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