Great Crowd In Murfreesboro For 2012 Cadets

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The Cadets woke up at 8:00 a.m. in Nashville, TN yesterday for a short set of rehearsal blocks before the show in Murfreesboro. As I walked around at breakfast, something felt odd about the morning, and I realized that temperatures were below 90 at 8:15. While the day did get hot, it was a much more normal, mid-90-degree high than the 100+ highs the corps has been enduring for the last couple of weeks.

Because performance order is random at Tour of Champions shows, The Cadets went on first last night before the sun had fully set. While it was an unusually warm and sunny warm-up, the temperature dropped significantly by the time the corps took the field. The crowd at Middle Tennessee State University was one of the most enthusiastic of the year; every time the guard threw a toss, the stadium erupted with applause. The stands were packed, and fans even wrapped around the corners of the bleachers towards the end zones.

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