Murphy Appointed 2013 Pacific Crest Brass Co-Caption Head

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Pacific Crest is pleased to announce the appointment of Seth Murphy as Co-Caption Head of its brass program. Murphy came to Pacific Crest last fall after three years with the Bluestars, where he served as Assistant Caption Head in 2011.

Over the past three years, Brass Caption Head Brad Davis has developed Pacific Crest’s brass program with input from former long-time Program Coordinator Dale Leaman, and in consultation with UCLA’s Gordon Henderson and DCI Hall-of-Fame Member Frank Williams. “The addition of Seth makes our brass staff stronger and more dynamic. To have someone of Seth’s experience and talent as co-caption head gives us a great competitive edge. His style and knowledge compliments what’s already in place, making Seth’s new role a natural fit. I look forward to bringing out the best in each other as teachers, which will provide an even better experience for our members.”

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