Attention To Charities At DCE Championships

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The DCE European Championships will now also draw attention to charities. Juliana has taken the ‘Dress Red Day’ of the Heart Foundation to remind visitors of the importance of good research. And the Italian organisation ‘Music in Motion-Roncaglia’s Band’ highlights the situation in the town of San Felice, which is still suffering the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

At the Juliana booth, you can make a donation to the Heart Foundation. When one of the members realised that Saturday is Dress Red Day, a special day where women are asked to wear red to raise awareness of heart disease in women, he knew he had to do something. And not just because the action fits seamlessly with Juliana’s ‘red block’. Marco van Ham also has a personal motivation. 2-year-old daughter Caitlyn of his girlfriend Veronique has to congenital heart defect. “She has a rare syndrome called Doors where the heart condition is life threatening enough that necessary operations will no longer be carried out, and she will never grow old”, says Marco. “Despite all that are both Veronique and Caitlyn full of life and despite the limitations, they are happy every day and enjoy the little things that they can do. I really admire that.”

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