Introducing The Mandarins’ 2013 Design Staff

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The Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps is pleased to announce that their 2012 design team will be returning for the 2013 season, with one significant addition. “We were very pleased with last season’s program put together by our design team and look forward to the direction they will take us in 2013, our 50th year anniversary!” stated Ray Mar, 30 year veteran Executive Director for the Mandarins.

Key Poulan will serve as Design Coordinator and Brass Arranger. Key will be responsible for the total show design and integration of the visual and musical aspects of the show. He will also be writing the entire brass book. Key is well known for his outstanding work in both the drum corps and marching band worlds. “We had a great experience working together this past season, and I am really looking forward to working with this creative team once again. Look some creative and exciting concepts to be on the field as part of the Mandarins golden anniversary program.”

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