Jong Beatrix 2012 DCE Finals Report

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The last Saturday of September is always THE Saturday in drumcorps music world. Jong Beatrix has been competing for years in the European Championships in Kerkrade. They also competed this year.

Every Saturday in September was all about performances. Besides that there were also a lot of rehearsals for make the show even better. In the week of DCE Finals we also rehearsed on Tuesday and Thursday evening, of the fields of the hockey club. Good rehearsals, in which the show was perfected. Friday evening the rehearsal was at our standard training field Jagerspaadje. A big group of supporters found the way to these baseball fields. This always give that little bit extra to a last rehearsal. In the nice artificial light, encouraged by supporters, JB had a good, solid run. The finals on Saturday started with an relaxed morning, after which we left around 11 am to the Beatrix Campus in Kerkrade. After arrival we started to change into the uniform and worked towards the show. Unfortunately some rain caused a delay in the warming-up, but the young members handle that in a ‘mature’ way. After the warming-up follows the traditional (non-alcoholic) champagne. Not everybody likes it, and people barely drink it…. but the gesture and the toast make it all worthwhile. At that moment it is clear: Jong Beatrix is ready for finals.

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