Spectacular Figures For DCE Webcast

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The webcast of the DCE European Championships that was run live by Drum Corps Europe on Saturday attracted many viewers. The webcast was viewed more than 13,000 times. You can still watch the webcast online.

The number of viewers massively increases every year. Last year, the internet broadcast was viewed 7,000 times. This year that number nearly doubled. The webcast was more extensive than ever, with a multi-camera recording, a presenter on the field (Robby Overvliet) and two analysts (Paul Doop and Joe Fitzpatrick) from the stands.

Coordinator Rob Beeren is pleased with the broadcast. “We have worked incredibly hard with a great team of people within DCE to raise the webcast to a higher level”, said Beeren. “We want to show the great things happening in Kerkrade to as many people as possible.”

During the webcast, fans could respond via Twitter and Facebook, and this option was used by many. The webcast (in two parts) is currently still available online at www.bambuser.com/channel/drumcorpseurope.

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