2012 Phantom Regiment End Of Year Fundraising Campaign

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By now, you should have received our end of the year campaign letter in your mailbox. Due to the high cost of printed mailings, we only do two a year. If you didn’t receive the end of the year letter, we may not have your current address. If you send me that info, we will update our records.

Our end of the year campaign used to go toward helping us recover from the expenses of the summer (especially fuel costs). The financial future of Phantom Regiment continues to improve, however, and we’re happy to say that this campaign now helps us make capital improvements and, more importantly, keep membership dues down. Last year we were able to purchase a new minivan. This is our lead vehicle during the summer and a critical addition to our fleet. Besides acting as the advance scout vehicle at night, it makes runs to the health clinic, airport and grocery store for milk and bread during the day! (Did you know? We go through 10 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread every day.)

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