Another Superb Line-Up For 2013 DCE Championships

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The DCE European Championships 2013 (Saturday 28th September) can expect another wonderful line-up. The event once again has participants from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and Italy.

All the national champions will be there, as well as other top corps from various countries. From Great Britain, hotshots The Company, Kidsgrove Scouts, Black Knights, Commodores, The 6th and Nexus will compete. The Netherlands will be represented by Jubal, Juliana and Beatrix, and for Germany Starriders, Showband Rastede, Heartliner and Wolper Löwen will take part. The French Kadoudal will compete in the Premier Class for the first time, and the reigning Irish champions, Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings, are returning after their debut this year.

The Junior Class is also very international. Mosson Marching Kids from Italy are preparing themselves for a debut in the DCE Junior Class next year. It will be the first time that we have seen an Italian junior corps at the European Championships. Jong Jubal, Johan Friso and Jong Beatrix will take care of the Dutch contribution to this class. For the Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors, this year was the first time they took part in the European competition, and they will be coming back next year. The Ravens from Ireland will also be back next year.

2013 will see not 22 but 23 participants march onto the field as a one-off change. Due to unforeseen circumstances, registration went wrong for one corps. In order to rectify the situation, it was decided that one extra wildcard place should be made, so that the other corps would not suffer as a result of this error. So there was one additional wildcard available. This might mean that the event will start a little earlier than usual.

The full list of participants is as follows:

6th Hove
Besana Secutores
Black Knights
Kidsgrove Scouts
Showband Rastede
Tallaght Youth Band Marching Viking
The Company
Wölper Löwen

Johan Friso
Jong Jubal
Jong Beatrix
Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors
Mosson Marching Kids

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