Boston Crusaders To Perform In 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade

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In the midst of a brand new “12 Days of Crusaders” gift giveaway to drum corps fans around the world, the Boston Crusaders are pleased to announce that the corps will be featured in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade, to be held on the afternoon of Monday, January 21st, 2013. Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker received the invitation from parade officials on Tuesday afternoon. “We are honored and excited to be a part of this historic event. This is a very unique opportunity for the corps, as we continue looking for new ways to offer a memorable experience to our corps members. Performing in an Inaugural Parade is certainly memorable!” Heimbecker added, “While the opportunity is great, so will be the challenge. As a summer performing group, this is an awkward time of year to develop a roster, get the uniforms out of storage, adjust winter rehearsals, and take care of all that goes with the performance. That said, it’s well worth the extra effort from the entire organization to represent the state of Massachusetts.”

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