Starriders Member To March Crossmen

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Fabian Lippmann, a member of the German Starriders Drum & Bugle Corps, will march the Crossmen next year. Nicola Esposito, as organiser of the Crossmen European Alumni group, interviewed Lippman.

Can you tell us your impression about a DCI World Class Finalist audition camp?

To describe it in one word: intense. Everything felt great in this group of people. They did it pretty easy to me to get into the corps with their courteous manner. One of the most remarkable moments that camp were our Brass Warmup. We were in an auditorium with about 120 Brass. We started with humming a note and to open our mouth and sing in an A Shape. Well, it sounded like god came through the roof. I still get goosebumps while remembering that moment! It also was the first time I played in a hornline bigger than 20. Not to get too far into details but independent from turn out this camp might have, it already worth any cent. It also was great to have Mike with me to share all the informations and emotions with a familiar person through over the trip.\

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