2012 DCE Championships DVDs Are Ready

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The DVDs of the DCE European Championships 2012 are ready. The preordered DVDs are now being sent out. As ever, the DVD has become a great tangible memento of the event. You can order your DVD in the webshop.

Thanks to the video recordings by Friedo TV Productions, the sound recording of Show & Marching Music, the editing of René Schulz, the artwork of Peter Franken, photos from Drum Corps Media and the logistical coordination of David Baden, the DVD has become a gem, and is now available.

The recordings have once again been made using three cameras, beautifully capturing all the shows. Of course it is also possible to view everything from the top camera. The sound is recorded in Dolby Surround 5.1. This will transport you back to the stadium on that special day.

The DVDs of both the Junior Class Finals and the Premier Class Finals can be found in the DCE webshop.

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