2013 Kilties January Camp Report

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The Kilties recently completed their first full corps rehearsal camp of 2013 on January 5th and 6th.

The brass ensemble fine-tuned all concert and parade musical numbers along with detailing and performing, as a full section ensemble, three quarters of the corps’ musical selections for their 2013 production, “Station KILT–Classic Rock”. The 2013 production includes progressive arrangements and treatments of tunes by Santana, The Beatles, Queen and the Everly Brothers

The percussion section learned, detailed and fine-tuned parade cadences, all parade and concert selections in addition to one quarter of the 2013 production. The percussion and brass sections closed the camp weekend in full musical ensemble.

The color guard section learned and finely detailed a vast amount of areas within three quarters of the 2013 production along with setting the performance protocols and standards of the section itself.

Several hours were spent with the entire corps on visual basics and defined sectional visual foundations revolving around body carriage, various step sizes, varying tempo changes, hip placement, interval and space relationships; among many other detailed nuances.

The Kilties next full corps camp will be on January 26th and 27th; the corps is still accepting applications for membership consideration in all sections: brass, percussion and color guard. Potential applicants are encouraged to attend this fast approaching next camp.

Complete and highly detailed information about The Kilties may be found at the corps’ website located at kilties.com.

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