GLASSMEN 2013 Season Announcement

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The Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps, founded in 1961, and one of the activity’s oldest organizations, has made the decision to go inactive for the 2013 competitive season. For many years the corps’ bingo operation was the major source of revenue. The sharp decline and ultimate discontinuation of bingo combined with difficult economic conditions have made fielding a corps difficult for the past several years. “We have done just about everything we can to both cut costs and find other revenue streams over the past two years and have been able to keep providing a great experience for our members, volunteers, and fans. Our sponsors, volunteers, staff, and families have been unbelievably supportive” said Tom Sink, President of the Glassmen Board of Directors. “Part of our mission is to teach young people life skills and character. It would be contrary to that mission and irresponsible to continue to amass debt. Taking time off will allow us to get our finances in order, create new relationships with sponsors while strengthening current ones, and create a viable and sustainable plan that will carry us into the future. We are not finished, we are just pausing to catch our breath. We are absolutely committed to do whatever it takes to come out of this stronger than ever. The legacy of dedication, hard work, and family that has been created by 51 years of excellence demands it. We owe our alumni, volunteers, staff, fans, and devoted veteran members no less than to protect the integrity of the Glassmen name and reputation. They are the ones who built it.”

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