Bridgemen Announce 2013 Repertoire

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The 2013 edition of the Bridgemen is shaping up to be one of their most exiting programs in recent history. Paying tribute to the 1973 corps that captured World Open Championships, the Bridgemen will open their show with “Free” by the rock group, Chicago. Then, taking a page from their 1982 program, the corps will move into their production number, a medley of tunes based on the music of Duke Ellington including, “Sophisticated Ladies” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing”. Watch for the color guard to break out with some fun dance moves. Moving back to the 1973 book, the corps will then play a beautiful rendition of “Summer of ’42”. Rounding off the presentation, “My Favorite Things” makes its return to the corps’ field show. Of course, no Bridgemen show would be complete without an encore performance of “William Tell Overture”

The Bridgemen’s design team includes corps director George Lavelle who composes the visual program. The music is arranged by Grammy Award Nominee, Larry Kerchner. The percussion book is written by the legendary Dennis Delucia.

The instructional staff includes brass coordinator Bob Relyea assisted by Rick DuCharme, Brian Law and Drum Major Marie Downes. The color guard is designed by Matthew Hurley, assisted by Ed Doscher. Cheryl Gillick is the caption head and the guard captain is Lori Ann Law. The percussion line is taught by, Ron Dolce, Chelsea Delucia, John Gillick, and Dan Bonham.

Once the corps moves outside, the visual staff will help to bring Lavelle’s creation to life by teaching the drill to the corps. This part of the staff includes; Donna Gulino, Eileen Altenhouse, George Ruse, Clare Kronenfeld, as well as, the assistant drum majors Lauren Gulino and Nick Avossa.

It’s not too late to be part of the fun as the corps still has a few spots to fill in the low brass section and the color guard. Even though summertime is 4 months away, they only have 10 rehearsals left until the Tournament of Stars at Veterans Stadium in Bayonne on June 22nd. The corps next public performance is March 17th at Bayonne’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Rehearsals are currently being held one weekend a month in beautiful downtown Bayonne. For more information, go to the corps website

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