Making A Food Or In-Kind Donation To Santa Clara Vanguard

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While monetary donations are very important to keep the Santa Clara Vanguard running and supporting its programs, in-kind donations of food and supplies are also very much appreciated and allow donors to witness exactly how they are helping move the corps forward.

There are many items that we are constantly purchasing throughout the year that can be subsidized through an in-kind donation. Examples of such are:

Food for Weekend Camps
Paper Products (Paper towels, napkins, plates, cups)
Ice, Water, Gatorade during rehearsals & tour
Medical Supplies (Band-aids, ace-bandages, antiseptic, etc)
Office Supplies (Copy Paper, new pens and pencils, paper clips, binders)
Gift Certificates/Gift Cards (Walmart, Costco, Staples, Home Depot, etc)
Professional Services

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