2013 Academy “Fill The Food Truck” Event

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Hello Academy Fans, Supporters, and Parents,
This year, before the Academy heads out on tour, we’d like to ask our supporters for help filling up the food truck with supplies. With the cost of food going up, the Academy appreciates any help we can get in filling up the food truck with as many items as possible before we leave on tour.

Every 4?5 days while on tour, the Academy purchases about $ 4000 to $ 5000 worth of food or approximately 100 cases of food. Any amount of donated food can help offset the overall cost of the food operations. To make it easy to help, we have included a list of non?perishable food and non?food items that the Academyused last year along with some sample sizes and prices. We also added a bit of trivia regarding last year’susage to go along with each item.

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