Glassmen Alumni Corps Details Taking Shape

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Thank you to all who have registered to be a part of the Glassmen Alumni Corps. If you have not registered yet and want to be a part of continuing the “Experience of a Lifetime” which our corps has given its members for the past 51 years, please do so at the Glassmen Alumni website, You will need to be a member of the site, which is free, in order to register with the GAC.

Sunday, as you may know, we released the music and audio files which the GAC will play at this summer’s performances. Yes, you read that correctly, performances PLURAL. In addition to the All-Star Review performance on Sunday, June 23rd, the Glassmen Alumni Corps will also be one of the groups providing entertainment on behalf of the Glassmen at Twylite Thursday on June 20th. This is a weekly fundraising event featuring four Toledo non-profit organizations. The organizations themselves provide the entertainment for the attendees and the GAC is more than happy to do so for the corps this year, both as a way of giving back to our family as well as helping the corps earn the funding it needs to return to the field in 2014. Other performance opportunities are arising and we will keep you posted if and when any are finalized and added to the schedule.

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