Pioneer Welcomes Four Exchange Students

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Pioneer is proud to welcome the following four students to our 2013 corps!

Nomfundo Hadebe,
PFG Londolusha (Springs, Gauteng)
My Name is Nomfundo Hadebe; I am a dance tutor in training for the Springs Field Band. I joined the field band in 2004. Once I joined the field band my behavior changed, I became a creative individual, I developed my inner- discipline, working as a team for a common purpose of empowering each other, I got to develop as a young girl, I became more confident and started believing in myself. I could now see the leader in me.
On my return I will pass on my knowledge to my fellow band members and the staff, I will make the Field Band benefit from the skills and experiences I have gained while in the USA. I will make the Field Band proud!!!

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