2013 Crossmen Blog Day 14

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We had relatively smooth ride @225 miles north on Interstate 69 to our Muncie area housing site for a rehearsal day and show day. Our hosts at the Alexandria-Monroe HS made us feel right at home. It is always good to have a day and a half where the fleet doesn’t have to move in order to get everyone refreshed. Today will also bring another remote Bones Tour Report. Our host/ board member, Mark Purnell anchored the 20 minute report with Joe, Joel and I filling in the color commentary for the week since the last report. You can listen to the internet broadcast live and live chat with Mark and the guests or stream later or download the archived episodes as a podcast for later.The web address is: http://www.spreaker.com/show/the_crossmen_show_aka_bones_hour . The program usually gives a behind the scenes feel for our life on the road with Crossmen.

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