2013 Crossmen Blog Day 6

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The first week of tour serves as an extension of spring training each summer. Our three Texas events including the MMX and the two events after our departure from San Antonio give the corps performances to look forward to. When heading out of state, we usually try to limit the first nights travel of the tour to approximately 300 miles per night as we make our way to our first show of the DCI season. The trek to White House from Malvern was a little over 400 miles and it was nice to get that large chunk behind us. The last leg to Lexington, KY will seem short in comparison. The sun came up not long after our arrival in White House. The corps was able to sleep in until after nine this morning in order to give the members and staff their proper rest in preparation for the full rehearsal day. We use a formula of two hours on the bus = one hour on the floor. We try to give the members a total of 8 equivalent floor hours. the long rides lead to later wake ups. We have another productive day and the corps is getting better each day with the loading out and cleaning of our housing sites. We will know that we are on track when we are able to pull out a few minutes ahead of schedule. Sometimes I just like to sit in my captain’s chair in the RV and watch the beehive of activity as the corps eats, cleans the school, loads all of the equipment in the trailers, loads suitcases in the motor coaches and readies for an on time departure. Many thanks to our hosts at White House Heritage, You can’t do drum corps without quality housing sites and you have a good one. We appreciate your hospitality. Now we are off to Paris….Kentucky that is. We are getting closer to that first competition of the 2013 season.

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