2013 Crossmen Blog Day 23

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This Independence Day weekend has been one to remember. This morning we are going to march our 4th Independence Day Parade of this holiday week. The Michigan City parade is 4 miles from our housing site so the trip will be short and not all of the fleet will make the trip. The buses with all of the gear in the bays, volley van and the rv take the short stroll to the parade origin in order to drop everyone off and then they make their way to the parade terminus at Ames Field, the site of tonight’s competition. The parade route was relatively short and the number of participating groups 170 strong with the Crossmen at the end of the first third of the groups heading down the route. Most all of the corps participating in tonight’s contest participated in the parade. Crossmen did another fine job, playing Some Nights, the drum cadence in the parade and “She’s Too Good for Me” to the delight of the review stand. It has been great to watch everyone do their job and make the best of the situation. The corps enjoyed performing for all the folks along the various parade routes we encountered. We can file this part of our experience away till next summer. After rehearsal we made our way back to Ames Field. The cool part was that we had a police escort by 4 motorcycle policemen from Michigan City. The precision of their efforts was fun to watch. We made it to the stadium in record time as we didn’t have to stop for any lights or stop signs. We were given the VIP treatment all the way.

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