2013 Crossmen Blog Day 24

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Sunday’s are a day that I get to dial it back a little in the morning. The morning started with Ryan, Cesar and I heading to the 8:30 mass at Our Lady of Peace about a mile from our housing site in Darien, IL. The corps was up and in rehearsal by the time we returned. The rest of the day was pretty laid back for the admin team until it was discovered the we weren’t working from the latest revised show schedule sheet that was e-mailed to us from DCI headquarters. We discovered that our daily schedule was set from the next to last revision we received. The last revision had the show starting one full hour earlier than originally planned. Joe and team went right to work on a recovery plan that included revising the last hour of rehearsal and chopping 30 minutes off of EPL. He explained the revision to the corps and everyone chipped in to make it happen. With only 60 minutes to accomplish what we normally do in 90 was total teamwork by all. The amazing part was that the rehearsal field was across the street from where all of food and shower stuff was located. The distance was double what we normally have. We had the school cleaned, people ate and showered, buses and equipment were loaded and we were ready to roll with 5 minutes to spare. Not one complaint was heard just cooperation in motion.This was something team Crossmen could be proud of. Nice work folks!

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