2013 Crossmen Tour Blog Day 27

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I woke and jumped out of bed a couple of hours before the corps. Pleased again that it was more than comfortable outside, I took a walk around the school grounds. We were perched on a small rise and were surrounded by new large homes around most of the perimeter. Mount Vernon is a quiet farming and residential community outside Cedar Rapids. The center of town is peppered with a few small businesses before it opens up to a bedroom community and farms. The stadium is about a mile from the high school so we plan to wake one of the motorcoach drivers and Neal when it is time to head in that direction later in the morning. Today is the third of three planned days that we set aside at the time of scheduling in order to tune up any areas that need attention from the original design but should not be put in until we had plenty of time to get them firmly under ourselves in time for the first regional in Minneapolis. We made a ton of progress the last three days. Having Ed Devlin and Chuck directing the changes adds to our comfort. This is our third tour of duty together and I have the deepest respect for their abilities to see what needs to be modified and their ability to make something good into something great.

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