2013 Crossmen Tour Blog Day 40

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The drive to Southlake Carroll High School from San Antonio is a familiar one to the Crossmen convoy. The road is the same path that we took when we left San Antonio on June 15th. The trip was episode free or at least that is what we thought. After the convoy located all of the equipment in their proper parking spots, Mobile Command Center pilot for this week, Bob Unfried noticed that we lost a tire to a blow out on the passenger side front tire of the cargo trailer that the Command Center pulls down the highway. The volley van didn’t notice the blow out even though it trails directly behind the tandem. As passengers, we didn’t hear or feel it in the RV. The tread was wrapped around the axle and that explained why the van didn’t see it as there wasn’t any debris tossed on the road in front of them from the trailer. The beauty of a tandem axle trailer is that even with one blown out tire you can go down the road with little or no trouble. We did a routine tire inspection that morning and found that the souvie trailer had two tires that probably should be replaced and the inside right rear tire on the Command Center needed replacing as the steel belts were about to give way. Fortunately we caught that in time as it could have made a mess of the body work if it let loose. The higher road temperatures are hard on tires and our vigilance in this area is important.

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