2013 Crossmen Tour Blog Day 44

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We made the trip in good order. The convoy arrived 40 minutes early allowing the members to gain some extra floor time. We have a full day of rehearsal planned but things get short circuited when we are informed that the athletic field was just fertilized and seeded by the football coach. We were going to have to come up with a plan B in a hurry after lunch. We adjusted the schedule to allow sectionals until we could come up with alternate field plans. Seems that even though the facility was reserved and contracted by DCI for our use the details did not get to the coach that wanted to get his stadium field in shape for football season. The great thing about all of this is that local people reached out along with our tour director, Rico, on our behalf. the Mayor of Ardmore, AL and the Mayor of Ardmore, TN each found us a public park football or soccer field for us to rehearse on today and Saturday. The by product to all of this is that the community came out in force to watch our ensemble rehearsal in the public venue Friday night. We definitely made lemonade out of a few lemons and a few unexpected friends in the community. They applauded our efforts at each appropriate moment. We are forever grateful to the people that came to our rescue and turned a potentially difficult situation into a manageable one.

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