GNODCA 2013 Tuition Assistance Program Winners

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The Greater New Orleans Drum Corps Association is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Tuition Assistance Program awards. We received many outstanding applications from drum corps members throughout the country.

Devin Guillotte – Cavaliers

“Devin is returning to The Cavaliers color guard this summer for his second season. Through his first season, Devin’s character radiated throughout the organization, both on and off the field. We are certainly looking forward to having Devin return to the field for The Cavalier’s 2013 production, “Secret Society.” — Travis Speice, Color Guard Caption Head

Hannah Corson – Music City

“Hannah is an amazing performer who gives 100% all of the time. She is the type of student that every instructor hopes to have. She keeps an open mind and never gets discouraged. Her positive attitude and vibrant personality serve as a breath of fresh air when rehearsals get tough. She sets an amazing example for her teammates by always practicing and helping others to succeed. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Hannah and I am ecstatic that she will be back with Music City again this summer.” — Levi Brandenburg, Color Guard Caption Head, Music City Drum Corps

Paige Meisenheimer – Bluecoats

I believe that drum corps is more than an extreme sport; it’s more than the music, it’s more than the late night bus rides, and the early morning rehearsals. Participating in a drum corps is about perseverance, bravery, dedication, and mental strength. Drum corps has taught me to never give up, to never believing the doubter in your head, and never give less than everything you have. The strength that you find within yourself as you push through a show, a tough rehearsal, or the intensity of all-days allows you to actualize the mental and physical strength that you truly possess. Whether it is the strength to keep going after an all-night study session, or striving for perfection in the smallest of tasks, I am always reminded of the skills and value set that I acquired from drum corps.

The GNODCA is proud to support these fine corps members and wish them a successful 2013 season and many great memories.

The Greater New Orleans Drum Corps Association was established to foster positive experiences for all students by promoting education, creativity, and freedom of expression through the drum corps activity. The GNODCA Tuition Assistance Program provides funds to help offset the cost of fees for young performers of our activity who pursue to perform in a competing junior drum and bugle corps

For information about the Tuition Assistance program, please see the TAP page at . The GNODCA will begin accepting applications for the 2014 season in the fall of 2013.

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