2013 Crossmen Tour Blog Day 47

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After 245 miles and approximately 5 hours, we arrived at our housing site in Rock Hill, SC. Our friends Kevin Brown and Brian Turner are band directors here. They have extended their hospitality to the Crossmen as a mid- way point to our next stop in Virginia. I have known BT since my very first exposure to DCI touring. Brian picked me and my two kids up at the airport in a Carolina Crown motorcoach at the Charlotte Airport in the summer of 2004. We volunteered to help on the food truck for 10 days. On the road with Crown is where I developed the love for the activity I refer to as the disease without a cure. You can’t really appreciate all of the hard work and effort that 200 human beings will endure in their efforts for a common cause. The pursuit of excellence and perfecting an 11 minute production for the pleasure of an audience is what drives us. The life lessons learned along the way is the ultimate pay off. We love the journey together. It is infectious.

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