A Note Of Thanks From DCA’s President, Gil Silva

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The 2013 DCA Championships are over, a wonderful drum corps weekend and the 49th Champions have been crowned. An event of this magnitude takes a tremendous amount of planning and effort to accomplish. DCA is very fortunate to have a group of dedicated people who share a passion for this great activity of ours and I want to take this opportunity to thank them all:

Michael “Red” Corso, Allen Buell, Glen Johnson, Dick Eschenmann, Amber Roeker, Vic Kulinski, Lois Tierno, Michael Symonds, Kimberly Symonds, David Hobart, John Kreitzer, Bev Johnson, Kevin Hassan, Eric Brust, Don Paluh, Paul Chaffee, Stephan Anderman, Fran Haring, Francois, Bill & Linda Flaker, Harry Eldridge, Jay Landis, Steve Tanner, Johnny Wilson. – Allison Focht and the DCI Ticketing Crew –

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