Racine Scouts Announce 2014 Program

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This past season, the Racine Scouts celebrated their 86th year as the oldest active drum corps in the United States by having one of their most successful seasons in their long and storied history.

Now, building on that success, one in which the corps earned its first finalist birth ever at the DCI Open Class Championships, the “Chrome Domes” are preparing to build on that momentum for their 87th year with their 2014 production, “’87.”

There are many meanings, interpretations, and motifs that encompass 87. 87 is the atomic number for francium, a highly reflective, chrome-like metal. 87 is the number of years between the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the battle of Gettysburg, immortalized in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address with the phrase, “fourscore and seven years ago…” Mozart’s, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, was composed in 1787.

How will the Racine Scouts bring 87 to life in sound and sight? From their first performance to their culmination in Indianapolis on 8/7 (August 7th), there are so many possibilities.

Preparing to field one of its largest corps in their recent history, the Racine Scouts invite you to join us in celebrating our 87th year as we present “’87.”

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