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The BushBackers Campaign is BACK!

The Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps is excited to announce the return of our elite support network for Alumni, Family, and Friends: The BUSHBACKERS!

With a SOLID 8th Place finish at DCA Finals, the Bushwackers are looking to continue our climb to the top! In order for the Corps to achieve this goal, we are asking you – the fans, friends, and alumni – to make this happen by becoming a major benefactor.

Bush has over $15,000 dollars of aging, un-repairable equipment that must be replaced, as well as a need to purchase new horns when we reach our goal of 50~60 Brass.


When pledging your support as a BushBacker, your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation will help educate, feed, equip, and move the Bushwackers towards success as the Corps will, in true Bushwacker fashion, defy the norm and resist the status-quo in 2014.

As a BushBacker, you can take advantage of the following:

Complimentary tickets for our Cruise Raffle
Complimentary tickets to our Winter Beefsteak event
Complimentary tickets to our annual Wine Tasting
Exclusive VIP access and tickets to our home DCA shows
Listed on our website and in show ad-books as a BushBacker
Your name or company listed on our equipment truck as a major benefactor

We are only running this campaign for a very short time, and the 2014 Open House is just over a month away!

Secure the Bushwacker Legacy……this IS the DRIVE FOR TOP FIVE!

Visit for your chance to become a BushBacker!

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