Conquistadors Begin Funding Drive For Percussion

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In September of 2011 the Southern Tier region of New York was impacted by a devastating flood that destroyed several homes and businesses. The Conquistadors were no exception. We lost almost a complete set of uniforms to mold that quickly spread through our storage area after it took almost 3 feet of water. We had extensive work to do to clean the horns that were impacted and luckily they were all able to be saved. One area we did not account for was our battery percussion. Although most of the equipment was off site at the time, there were a few pieces of equipment that were impacted. We lost a few harnesses for our snares and took some damage to a set of quints. We initially thought that we had repaired and cleaned the damage to the drums but it turns out that the impacts were much worse than we first determined. The drums went back into storage as they were not being used and the mold took over again. Because of this, we had to dispose of the drums as they were no longer usable.
We find ourselves in need of a new set of quints and some snare harnesses. Between the money available in our operating budget and the deal we were able to work out with some private sellers, we find ourselves with a relatively small gap to replace the equipment. We are asking all of you, our supporters, to help us reach that goal so that we may go into our percussion open house fully prepared.

Any donation, big or small, gets us that much closer to replacing the equipment and all support will be greatly appreciated. All supporter will be listed on our Sponsors page for a year and will receive a certificate to acknowledge your as a supporter. Please consider making a contribution to help us hit our monetary goal.

Donations can be made via our website at

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