Racine Scouts Announce 2014 Program

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With the 2014 season about to commence, the Racine Scouts have unveiled the source music for their production, “87.” Bringing together a mix of classical, big band, Broadway, and European eclectic, the Scout’s show promises to be challenging to its members, entertaining to the fans, and fun for everyone.

Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik, published in 1787, begins the show and will be a recurring theme throughout the production. With its pomp and pageantry, this piece will weave its way throughout the production and surface in a variety of styles. From there, the big band number, Four Score and Seven by Les Brown and Vic Schoen infuses a bluesy/jazz feel, blending with Mozart to create a wonderfully unique sound and style.

Revisiting the 1987 show, the Scouts bring back the ballad, Once Upon a Time, from the Broadway musical, All American. This piece, popularized by Tony Bennett, is lush and smooth and evokes images of a sultry 50’s nightclub to create a memorable ballad..

Music from The Kyteman Orchestra of the Netherlands provides the vehicle by which the Scouts will feature the percussion ensemble. Kyteman’s piece, “7/8,” is a pulsating percussive work that also brings together a myriad of wind, string, and vocal instruments to create an innovatively unique composition that the Scouts will uniquely translate into the drum corps arena.

Bringing “87” to a rousing finish the corps will bring back another piece from 1987; Sir William Walton’s Crown Imperial. And, while this piece is a drum corps standard, the Scouts will interweave other themes to create a one-of-a-kind triumphant finale.

As America’s oldest active drum & bugle corps since 1927, the Racine Scouts are a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth in fine arts while providing a place where they can grow as performers, and develop as young men & women.

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