The Dansville White Sabers And Their Story

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“We are humbled” were the first words uttered from director Leslie Amico during our interview. It seemed to be a consistent thread throughout the conversation and is the heart and soul of this drum corps.

The White Sabers were actually formed back in 1928 but went inactive until 1994 when the town of Dansville, NY was celebrating their centennial and wanted the White Sabers to be a part of this event. A small group of alumni, including Amico’s husband and President of the corps, Pete, were able to gather about 200 participants for that event and the drum corps was reborn. The next several years they did just parades until when in 2004, the husband and wife duo, along with the staff and administration, decided they wanted to try and compete on the field as a DCA Class A corps. From there they have never given up and never looked back.

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