Troopers Announce 2014 Program

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For years The Troopers have been known as ‘America’s Corps’. Representing the virtues and determination this Country was built upon, The Troopers have become the Corps for the people. It is these same principles that will be the driving forces in their 2014 production entitled ‘A People’s House’. Featuring the music of Clifton Williams, Charles Ives, and original works by Robert W. Smith, The Troopers invite you to celebrate the man that helped make this country what it is today.

With a deep sense of maturity, integrity, passion, and honesty, The Troopers will build off of last year’s successes and bring an emotional and power packed program to the field in a way that only America’s Corps can. Words that describe leadership . . . music that inspires visionaries . . . images that paint pictures of spacious skies and amber waves of grain . . . a program that is undeniably The Troopers.

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