2014 Academy Auditions Continue In January

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It has begun – December is a busy month for drum corps, and this was certainly true for The Academy. The first official audition weekend was the fifth recruitment event of the season for us, having hosted four pre-audition Open House sessions in Florida, California, and Arizona. Nearly 400 participants have been served at these events in the past four weeks, making this the busiest early season we have ever encountered.

Banding together – While the camp served as a way to evaluate participants and the launch the member selection process, it also provided the corps with its first opportunity to train and grow as a community. Much of the weekend was spent on developing performance techniques, and setting a tone for the season with rehearsal etiquette, corps standards, and the first steps towards developing a culture for the ensemble. New and returning staff collaborated for the first time. Parents, volunteers, and alumni all joined in to make the weekend an incredible start to the 2014 season as a continuation of more than a decade of excellence.

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