DCA’s Fifty Years Of History

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dca_100x100In 2014 Drum Corps Associates is celebrating its Golden Anniversary as we need to start at the beginning on how this all came about. The chief motivator behind this was not a drum corps person, but rather a show sponsor and a major role player in the American Legion. That person was Dr. Almo Sebastianelli, sponsor of the annual ‘ Parade of Champions ” in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In August of 1963, Sebastianelli approached the New York Skyliners manager, Henry “Lefty ” Mayer about various problems that were affecting both the corps and the show sponsors. On August 25, 1963, a meeting was held in Scranton to address these issues. In attendance were Sebastianelli, Mayer, Carman Cirlincione of the Archer- Epler Musketeers, Randy Roy of the Reading Buccaneers, and George Bull from the Yankee Rebels. At that meeting five common areas were identified as the problem areas. They were to secure contest dates not in conflict with previously established contests. To establish set prize money. To secure improved and consistent judging. To generally improve the contests. And finally, to promote better relationships among the competing corps.

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