Fieldband Tour In Belgium

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fbf_100x100A group of around 30 musicians and dancers of the Field Band Foundation from South Africa will tour in Flanders from June 18th to 26th upcoming. They are all students of the Field Band Academy that were selected for this tour based on their accomplishments in the FBF. DrumSpirit percussion ensemble will host the group. During the second week of their stay, the FBF members will be in host families in the region of Limburg. The initiative of this tour comes from Carglass Benelux (Bart Lambrechts) and the tour is sponsored by a grant of the Belron World Conference Foundation. Belron is the parent company of Carglass and was founded by Bertie and Ronny Lubner. Bertie Lubner is also the founder of the Field Band Foundation and has by this initiated a movement that creates life opportunities for children from townships all around South Africa through music and dance. Vlamo (Flemish Organisation of Amateur Musicians) will provide logistical support for the this exchange program.

The Field Band Foundation is the central guest to a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is organized by Carglass in cooperation with 6 other companies. The event will take place at the historical site of Bokrijk and will include performance of the Field Band, testimonials from the Field Band members and lectures about CSR and the profits for both business and favoured parties. The Field Band will also tour in Flanders and give some performances. Please consult the Vlamo website for further details. Vlamo will profit from this occassion to organise, in cooperation with several music groups, some workshops for the FBF members in continuation of the exchange and learning program they have been providing since 2007.

picture: Geert Vanmaeckelberghe

picture: Geert Vanmaeckelberghe

Seeing a Field Band at work is something unique. The dancing is triggering and pure African. The musicians perform with passion and natural sense of rhythm. As a public, you will be excited and touched by the valuable message that this Field Band brings. This is tour is unequivocally a valuable experience for the Field Band members, but also for our musicians: it’s a win-win!

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