Thurrock Marching Brass 2014 British Junior Champions

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thurrock_marching_brass_100x100At a packed Select Stadium in Widnes, Cheshire on Saturday 20 September 2014, Thurrock’s premier marching and performing arts organisation, Thurrock Marching Brass took to the field in competition at the Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) 2014 British Championships in the junior class.

After extending their undefeated season at their own hosted DCUK Essex show just two weeks prior this young, up and coming group of youngsters finally came head to head with the best junior class marching bands and drum corps in the country, including the incredibly gifted and entertaining Concord Allstars, who themselves were heading the DCUK Finals on an undefeated streak also.

There was no doubt that all teams in this very competitive class, who showcase all that is good about youth and what they are capable of achieving, brought their best game to these championships, with some amazing performances all round.

The youngsters of the new generation of Thurrock Marching Brass have successfully climbed that mountain and have brought home to Thurrock the DCUK 2014 Junior Class Championship Trophy, narrowly defeating their friendly rivals Concord Allstars from Sheffield who took the silver medal on this occasion with the Black Knights Cadets from Kent taking the bronze.

They have demonstrated beyond any doubt that the spirit and commitment to excellence that our great founder David Loader had instilled in all those who were lucky enough to march in the Thurrock Drum & Trumpet Corps or Thurrock Marching Brass shoes is alive and kicking. Their show, entitled the Sound of Magic, saw levitation, a Tiger appearing behind a cage and even the illusion of someone being sawn in two as a prop that the youngsters played music to from Queen’s “It’s a Kind of Magic”, a selection of “themes from Harry Potter” and closing the show with a very mature rendition of music from Hocus Pocus with “I put a Spell on You”. All this while the visual presentation added colour and textures that fit this fun filled theme. The end act saw the entire band magically disappear as a 15m x 15m cloak was pulled from the front of the arena to the back as every member chanted a magic spell, leaving young wizard Kacie Mansfield, donned in her magic cape waving her magic wand holding her mouth in surprise as the spell she had been trying all through the show finally worked and she vanished every member of the band. The audience gave the performers (who were now nowhere to be seen) a thunderous applause, and the young marching band’s final competitive performance of the season was complete.

Thurrock Marching Brass’ chairman, Paul Morgan commented on the success “Thurrock should be proud right now, as should Essex. This is the first DCUK title at any level to be brought back to Essex since the impressive Blue Eagles win in 1996 and to bring it back home to Thurrock makes it all the more special. History, and our own history specifically means a great deal to everyone here at Thurrock Marching Brass, and to see these youngsters being developed by such incredibly talented leaders and staff reminds me of all the many amazing people that gave up their time on a voluntary basis too when I was a young boy in the band and throughout the time I was there. The same spirit and sense of dedication to excellence is there. The same values to try and ensure that the youngsters under our charge have the best possible environment is there. The camaraderie among the young members and their drive to help each other, despite their average age being just 11 years is there. I think that everyone should be extremely proud of how the next generation are carving their own history into the oak tree that sits at the centre of our logo and long may that continue. Congratulations and thanks go to everyone from the wardrobe department, the helpers and the fund raisers, the corps director of this historic win Joanna Crisp and all her staff but, above all, to those that are the reason why we do what we do. The youngsters themselves. You are all just an amazing bunch of individuals that make the whole what it is. Thank you all for keeping this great name alive!”

Adding to this Corps Director, Joanna Crisp said “Wow! What a season and what an amazing bunch of youngsters to pull off such a feat. To win a DCUK title in this way means such a lot to so many of us. I remember my marching days and the feeling I had then I could see in all the members faces as they celebrated such an achievement. There are so many people to thank and they all know who they are, but I would like to say a special thanks to Ken Mansfield for his support and creativity in creating the visual program, to my son Reece Crisp for the musical arrangements and to all the staff, supporters and helpers that make everything happen for us all. I couldn’t be any more pleased for everyone!”

Thurrock Marching Brass are proud to perform as much as they can within the community and you can keep up to date with all their engagements on our website below or by following their on Facebook.

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