Matt Harloff Talks Crown Brass

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carolina_crown_100x100In 25 years, what drum corps show will you look back on? Which one will stand out in your mind? For Crown Brass Caption Supervisor, Matt Harloff, there is a particular show he looks back on that holds a special place in his heart.

Many drum corps fans and alumni remember the 1993 Star of Indiana show, “The Music of Barber and Bartok,” as one of the most influential shows in drum corps history. In fact, if you type ‘best drum corps shows ever’ into Google, the first article that pops up, “Top 5 Legendary Drum Corps Shows,” from Halftime Magazine, features that very 1993 Star show as the show most talked about to this day. Quoted in that article: the Star Drum Major from that year, and Carolina Crown Brass Caption Supervisor, Matt Harloff.

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