Genesis And Tama Brass By Kanstul Team Up In 2015

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genesis_100x100Genesis and Tama Brass by Kanstul will be teaming up in 2015! We are excited to announce that we have approved an agreement with Kanstul Brass to outfit the program with a new set of instruments. A new fundraising campaign is being implemented and all proceeds will be used towards the final purchase of these quality instruments! The instruments are currently in production and will be delivered by May of 2015.

“Genesis could not be more proud of this partnership. One of, if not the biggest obstacle facing our activity today is the purchase and maintenance of quality instruments. This partnership is going to be wonderful for our performers and educators and I am looking forward to a long standing commitment between TAMA and Genesis. At Genesis we know how difficult maintaining a quality program can be and it is because of this that we are looking to give back through our new fundraising program.” – Exec. Dir. Chris Magonigal.

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