Crown Holiday Drive Kicks Off

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carolina_crown_100x100The Joy is BUILDING … for the future. In the spring we talked about Growing up Crown and expanding the Crown organization so we could reach more young people. Today we have a plan to achieve this goal. But we need a foundation to build upon–and we need your support to make it happen.

In order to Grow Up as an organization, we need our own BUILDING …

There we can house a local music store and rehearsal space designed to serve young people in the Charlotte Metro area with low-cost instruments, educational opportunities, and access to performing ensembles. There we can create a new Crown performing ensemble, made up of local and national performers, that will compete nationally and internationally year-round. There we can park vehicles, store equipment, house the CrownSTORE, rehearse the York County Honor Band, and proudly display the 2013 World Championship trophy for all to see!

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