December 2014 Pioneer News From The Top

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pioneer_100x100PIONEER 2015 PRODUCTION
Show Coordinator, Mike Marcantano and the Design Team are reviewing the new reissue of the Biblical inspired epic film, “EXODUS, GODS AND KINGS”. It should be introduced in movie theatres throughout the country as of December 12th. It fits very well into our music of faith direction.

The plot of the film depicts the story of two Egyptian princes, Moses and Ramses who were raised together as brothers. When Ramses became the Pharaoh of Egypt, Moses became his most trusted advisor. However, when the true Hebrew heritage of Moses is revealed, Ramses banishes him into the desert and to almost certain death. According to the lesson, God has a mission for Moses which is to free the Israelites from the bondage of slavery. Moses returns from exile and demands that Ramses let his people go. But the arrogant Egyptian ruler (his brother), is unmoved. This leads to a battle of divine wills….and so the story goes!

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