Why City Sound Needs The Cabrillo Youth Center

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city_sound_100x100The Cabrillo Youth Center, home to City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps, is in jeopardy. Politicians have decided that this amazing Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts center is not financially beneficial enough to warrant existence, and they are attempting to shut it down. We need the City Sound Community to help the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts fight these politicians and keep this facility that helps 20,000 youths/year learn and grow.

The Boy Scouts of America is taking these politicians to court, and they need your support. The deadline for letters from the community has passed, but if you date your letter “December 1st, 2014,” it’s still usable. Below are two lists; the first is for corps members, the second is for adults. They are all good reasons, but feel free to pick the reasons that mean the most to you. Once you’ve finished, email your letter to april [at] city-sound [dot] org. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR CORPS AND YOUTHS EVERYWHERE!

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