Meet TeamBush 2015: Spotlight – James Ziller, Mellophone

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bushwackers_100x100Meet TeamBush 2015 is a series of introductions to the members, staff, and administration of the Bushwackers Drum Corps. We want to highlight and feature the people who make this Corps unique and exciting. Up Next:

James Ziller, Mellophone

Affectionately known as just “Ziller”, James is in his third year on the Bushwackers Mellophone Line. Ziller commutes for every Corps event from the Scranton, PA region. He often acts at the Corps’ northwest bus as he provides rides for members from points north and gets them to camps and performances. James is an extremely dedicated member who goes out of his way to make people feel welcome at Bush. You can see him at all the recruiting events for the Corps in the off-season, every rehearsal and fundraiser, and he even makes trips down to NJ just to hang out with his Bushwackers family on off weekends.

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