Meet TeamBush 2015: Spotlight – Tom Heider, Snare Drum

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bushwackers_100x100Meet TeamBush 2015 is a series of introductions to the members, staff, and administration of the Bushwackers Drum Corps. We want to highlight and feature the people who make this Corps unique and exciting. Up Next:

Tom Heider, Snare Drum

Well into his second season as a member, Tom Heider is a great success story of the Bushwackers program. The Corps has a policy that everyone who walks in the door is welcomed as a Bushwacker, no matter ability or background. There is one catch: you have to put forth an effort to constantly want to achieve greatness. Quality over quantity. The Corps will foster those who have the desire to work hard and never give up – its the Bushwacker way…and the journey Tom has taken so far. This is his story.

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