Carolina Crown Seeking Driver

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carolina_crown_100x100Crown is currently seeking a driver for their summer merchandise operation that travels the summer tour in support of the corps. The position calls for a highly motivated individual who enjoys working with like individuals, and would like to do so supporting a team-oriented organization consisting of 160 young performers and a support team of approximately 65 adults.

Driving for Crown involves mostly night driving of occasionally long distances. Due to scheduling, the merchandise team often doesn’t accompany the Crown 10-vehicle convoy down the road, so therefore the driver needs to be willing and capable of following GPS on their own between performance cities 4-5 nights each week. Other driving duties will include driving to performance sites from housing sites, and taking a limited number of miscellaneous trips. The driver is not expected to regularly work in the merchandise booth but is expected to assist with set-up/breakdown and with customer service during busy sales times.

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